Consistently good.

Our lives have ups and downs. We may sometimes bemoan the fact that nothing good seems to last. If we’ve been undergoing numerous changes—as many of us have—we may long for some positive consistency.

We may find ourselves wishing for an anchor, something stable to hang onto amid changes or chaos. If we had a personal safe haven, we may reason, we could get through stressing circumstances more easily.

While the circumstances around us may vary, sometimes up and sometimes down, we can be the measure of stability we long for. We can be consistently kind, consistently loving, consistently positive, consistently understanding and compassionate, first to ourselves and then to others as well.

It’s up to us to generate safety and stability in our lives, no one else can do that for us all the time. The creation of a safe haven within us starts with consistent personal practices.

Spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, and mindfulness will help give us a broader perspective on life. Physical practices like deep breathing, stretching, and exercise, will help keep our bodies strong and flexible and will reduce our levels of stress hormones. Mental self-awareness and positivity can help us avoid getting bogged in fear and negative thoughts and can shepherd us through difficulties with hopefulness and positive imagery.

Today’s message reminds me that it is up to me to help make my life experience consistently good. The most important way to do so is not by trying to control external circumstances but instead is by keep myself consistently positive and well.

Please reflect and share. What consistent practices do you have to keep yourself and your life on track?