See yourself positively.

We’re usually our own worst critics. We may dislike how we look, feel, or sound. Or we may think poorly of our abilities and choices.

This is the most damaging negativity we can experience, because it is ever present. If other folks disrespect us, we can choose to tune it out or walk away. But it can be quite challenging to evade our own negative self-thoughts.

Whether we’ve absorbed others’ opinions or have developed a negative attitude about ourselves through past experience, having self-dislike and self-doubt is the biggest barrier we’ll encounter to having a happy and fulfilling life.

When we hold self-defeating ideas about ourselves and our abilities, we hamstring our efforts before we begin to try. Even worse, this negativity may prevent us from even making any attempts.

When we hold a hopeful and encouraging attitude about ourselves, we give ourselves the best chance for self-love, happiness, and success. We can lift ourselves up and cheerlead even our small accomplishments, giving our efforts more positive momentum.

Today’s message encourages me to polish up my self-image. I’m the one person who will always, always be present in my life, so my self-love and positivity is most vital.

Please reflect and share. How can you feel good about yourself right now?