Be bold on your behalf

Sometimes it may feel that luck is against us. We may feel that Creation doesn’t have our back.

Support for our dreams and endeavors may seem to be lacking. It can, quite simply, feel that life doesn’t find us worthy or believe in us.

When this happens, we need to ask ourselves a couple of very direct questions: Do we feel we are worthy? How much do we believe in ourselves?

If we don’t have a clear sense of our own innate worth and strengths, talents, and capabilities, we project that tentativeness out into the world around us. We manifest a seeming lack of commitment by Creation because we don’t believe in ourselves.

When we act confidently and positively, feeling sure of ourselves and our ability to achieve, life follows our lead. We will find we have more support and opportunities and less roadblocks and upsets.

That doesn’t mean we’re not humble. We just have a good, honest sense of who we are and what we can do.

From this space of sureness, we have the basis to be bold. We are willing to take some calculated risks, because we know if things don’t work out right away, they will eventually turn out well on our behalf.

Today’s message invites me to be a bit bolder in my self-assessment and actions. I don’t need to swagger. I can simply proceed with confidence.

Please reflect and share. How much do you back your own plays?