Patient and calm

Many of us—and I’m definitely one of that number—struggle with being patient. We’re not always good at waiting things out.

We know what we want, which is often not what is, and we want it now. Whether it’s the culmination of a dream or hoping another will shift their beliefs or behavior, we struggle with sitting calmly with the current status.

We may not be good at remaining serene and confident that the perfect outcome will occur. We’re even less willing to believe that what is right now could be perfect.

When we try to be patient, our minds may return to pondering our dissatisfaction, like a tongue probing a sore tooth. The more we focus on the situation, the more we may feel it is intolerable.

However, if we’re willing to try accepting what is, at least for right now, magic begins to occur. We feel more peaceful and may find it easier to put our attention to something that we feel happy about. We let go.

Today’s message reminds me that patience is all about relinquishing control. When I’m willing to allow the general benevolence of Creation to be in charge of timing, I free myself to enjoy life right now.

Please reflect and share. Are you a generally patient person?