Feelings behind the action.

Sometimes we wonder why we or others behave the way we do. Our and others’ actions may seem inexplicable, particularly if the behavior seems out of character.

The actions in question may seem illogical given the circumstances. And often they may be. That’s because it’s likely that they were prompted by feelings rather than rational thought.

To act on our feelings isn’t necessarily bad. It is good to honor how we feel. But when our emotions are heightened and we have a hair trigger reaction, our behavior may not be what we’d choose.

If this is true for us, it certainly is valid for others as well. Our emotions prompt all of us to action, sometimes overly rapidly.

We can’t control others’ actions. And certainly, trying to figure out the motivation for their behavior is likely to be both frustrating and inaccurate.

However, it may be useful to understand why we personally behave as we do. If our behavior seems out of character for us, we may want to look at the emotions we were feeling at the time. It’s possible we have an unhealed emotional wound triggering our unexpected actions.

Today’s message reminds me of the value of understanding how my emotions affect my behavior. While I want to honor my feelings and pay them heed, I don’t want them impelling me to rash or counterproductive behavior.

Please reflect and share. What is the link between your emotions and actions?