Whatever brings you joy, do it more.

Our days are usually mixed. We do some things we need to or have to do, and some things we like to do. Sometimes, we even do things that make us feel joyful.

Those joyful moments are the bright spots in our days. We feel happy, energetic, and glad to be alive.

Ideally, this is how a goodly portion of our lives should be. What is our purpose, if not to love life and live accordingly?

We certainly can make doing things we love more of a focus in life. It’s a smart and healthy choice, one that prioritizes our happiness.

We also can choose to find joy more readily in everyday life. Being alert for the small nuggets of goodness each day and appreciating the heck out of them will put us in a more grateful state of mind, in general. This in turn will help us attract and recognize the many blessings in our lives.

Today’s message advises me to pursue joy in two ways. Actively, I can choose to engage in activities I love. More passively, I can elect to love more of what goes on in my life. A fine dollop of daily gratitude will make my life all the sweeter.

Please reflect and share. What unfailingly brings you joy?