Let light guide you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what path to follow. Circumstances may seem confusing, or we may have a confusing variety of options.

We may struggle between what is easy and what we may think of as right. Heightened emotions may cause us to want to react strongly. Yet, we’re likely best off making a decision we can live with comfortably longer-term.

We can use the concept of light—spiritual light—to help us make a healthy choice for ourselves. If we close our eyes and ponder our options one by one, one may feel lighter to us than the rest. Or if we mentally line up our options in a row, in our mind’s eye one may appear to glow like a beacon.

We can be confident that the choice that feels or seems light to us is one we will feel comfortable with over time. It may or may not be the easiest option, but it is one we’ve identified as feeling best to us.

Today’s message reminds me that light will always reliably guide me. When I allow my choices to be illuminated, I know they are what’s right for me and the situation at this time.

Please reflect and share. How does the light guide you?