Emphasize what’s working.

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on what isn’t going according to our plans or desires. The more we think about wayward events, the larger they loom in our awareness. In this way, small things gone wrong can end up looming large in our lives.

In every day, no matter how crappy it seems, many things go rights. We just may take them for granted and focus on the negative.

However, each day starts out with us breathing and being aware. That’s an excellent start. We likely have shelter, food, running water, clothing, and some means of transportation, even if it is our own two feet. Essentially, we have all the basics we need to survive the day. And we probably don’t even stop to think about that fact, much less be grateful.

When we shift our focus onto what is working in the present moment, our perspective on life changes. Our experience of existence becomes richer and more satisfying.

Today’s message encourages me to take frequent breaks to think of everything that is working in my favor. When I emphasize what is working, I’ll find that my life is far more blessed than I previously realized.

Please reflect and share. What is working for you right now?