So blessed.

Most of us are very lucky people. We have been showered with ample good things in our lives. Yes, there likely have been things and situations that were painful and difficult. But they probably have been outweighed by the good.

Most days we probably have enough to eat and drink. We may even have options to choose from.

We’re hopefully in reasonable health. While we might not be physically or mentally perfect, we probably can function reasonably well.

We likely have some sort of shelter. It may or may not be fancy and decorated as we choose, but we aren’t living rough.

We’re probably also physically safe. We’re not in the middle of a war zone or under attack. Our species isn’t under threat of extinction by other species.

So, most of us have the basics covered. We’re doing okay.

Most of us also have quite a bit more. We have a wardrobe of clothing, vehicles, books and music, TVs and electronics, furniture, pets, jewelry, and much, much more. And yet, we may not feel satisfied.

Today’s message reminds me of the wealth of blessings that are part of my everyday life. I have so much to be thankful for, more than I need, and much of what I might want. I am so blessed!

Please reflect and share. How are you blessed?