Listen to the vibe, not the words.

Sometimes things just don’t seem to add up. Conversations we have, in person or electronically, may not sit right with us. It may feel like things are somehow off.

It’s important not to discount our gut feelings. It’s also important not to confuse possibly skewed emotional reactions with our gut feelings.

When we experience this type of dissonance, it may help to get quiet and as neutral as possible. Then we can go within and explore what doesn’t feel right to us.

We can use our gut sense to tune into the underlying energy of the troubling interchange. When we listen to vibe rather than the words, we’ll likely get insight and clarity into the interaction.

Today’s message reminds to me keep listening to my gut. When I trust my own intuition, I can deal with any situation with all my resources at hand.

Please reflect and share. Do you give your intuition room in your decision making?