Selective thinking.

We all have experienced selective hearing, both on the receiving and giving side. We may only hear what we wish to take in.

We may also avert our gaze, both physically and mentally, from things we don’t wish to see. We certainly avoid tasting food and drink we find unpleasant. Why would we bother?

Then, why do we somewhat frequently think things that don’t bring us pleasure or benefit? An uncomfortable though can persist with us. We think it over and over, like running our tongue across a sore tooth.

This may occur because the thought is linked to an unresolved emotional experience. We haven’t gotten over the pain of the experience, so we relive in in memory or in other similarly evocative circumstances in the subconscious hope we’ll find some sort of resolution.

When we have painful recurring thoughts, we don’t want to just stuff them. That likely will only make them persist more strongly.

We do want to notice them and honor them, and then try to get to the underlying issue so we can heal. We recognize the uncomfortable thoughts as signposts and then neutrally set about understand them so we can reach resolution.

Going forward, we want to keep our mental focus on thoughts that are good for us and make us happy.

Today’s message suggests I have thought patterns to explore and tweak. When I heal the associated wound, my mind is freer to dwell on thoughts that bring me pleasure and health.

Please reflect and share. How might selective thought benefit you?