Be clear on what you want.

We often can be disappointed. Life may not serve up what we want. Or others may fail to deliver what we feel we wish from them.

Our needs and desires seem obvious to us. However, it seems they’re not as evident to others or to Creation. Why can’t we just have what we want? Is that so much to ask?

And yet, that’s the one thing we may not do—ask for what we want. We may expect others to read our mind. And we may devote a goodly portion of our energy to worrying about not having our dreams and desires realized rather than imagining their fulfillment.

It’s really quite simple. We just need to ask for what we want. If we make the request of others and they don’t respond as we might wish, we’re likely no worse off. At least we will have made our expectations clear.

When we clearly imagine what we want, we’re giving Creation a shopping list. It’s easier to have our dreams fulfilled when they are clearly defined. Again, we risk nothing by visualizing.

Today’s message invites me to get clear and be clear about what I want. When my desires are evident, it is easier for them to be met.

Please reflect and share. How well do you communicate your needs and desires?