Strong and stable

Especially when we’re in a difficult situation, we may doubt in ourselves. We wonder if we’re have enough stamina, strength, and stability to persevere through events. Can we handle hard scenarios without crumbling?

We may pray or look for someone to rescue us or to handle the situation for us. We’re probably tired and may not feel up to coping.

In this, we forget our origin in interconnected divine consciousness. As part of a divine whole, we can never be truly alone. We always have the backing of all of Creation without needing to ask. We simply need to allow.

We have the inherent strength and stability of the divine within us as our birthright. While events may shift rapidly and we may need to shift with them, we still can be strong and stable inside ourselves. Our trust and belief in the essentially benevolent nature of Creation is a source of the inner qualities we need.

Today’s message reminds me that I don’t have to work to be strong and stable. I simply need to fuss less and allow that aspect of myself to come to the fore. I have everything I need inside me.

Please reflect and share. What helps you feel strong and stable?