You know what to do.

We sometimes may wonder if we’re on the right path. We may feel a bit lost or be concerned that we aren’t doing the right thing.

This can occur because we’re accustomed to second guessing ourselves. Or it may happen because someone else has expressed doubt about what we’re doing. Or perhaps on a deep level we know we’d rather be doing something else.

When we feel this doubt, it’s time to assess. If this is about a lesser impact issue, we may simply not particularly enjoy the associated tasks.

We can then decide is we simply want to power through and get the thing over with. I feel this way, personally, about cleaning the stove and refrigerator. Necessary, but not inspiring.

However, if this is a larger impact issue like career, finances, or relationships, we’ll want to take some relaxed time—prayer, meditation, body awareness—to focus on hearing our inner voice. On some level, we already know what to do. We just may not have brought the decision fully to our awareness and acceptance yet.

When we’ve understood what we’ve somehow known inside all along, we can gently and kindly begin to realign our lives to be in harmony with what we deep down known is best.

Today’s message reminds me that on some level I will always know the right thing to do. When I listen to myself fully, I erase doubt.

Please reflect and share. Are you good at listening to yourself?