It’s only work when we don’t enjoy it.

It’s Monday. For many of us, it’s the start of another work week.

Mondays may be days we approach with less than enthusiasm. Because we have/need to work. Because we may not have a choice in what we’re doing each day. Because we might rather be doing something else.

Financial realities may dictate that we need a steady income source. If we truly dislike what we do to make a living, we might be able to find a different employer or an alternate career.

Failing either of those options, our sane choice is to learn to like or love something about our job as it is. If we perceive even part of what we do to make money each day as enjoyable, we’ve upped our happiness quotient considerably.

Today’s message suggests I consistently find a way to make some portion of my daily activities enjoyable. The more often I like what I’m doing or what’s going on around me, the more I will love my life.

Please reflect and share. How might you make your work feel less like work and more like fun?