Love more.

We all love someone or something. We love our partners, children, family members, friends, and pets. We also love chocolate, our favorite musical performers, our comfiest clothes, and a good cup of coffee or tea.

To feel love where we have an affinity or a strongly developed relationship is easy. We love these folks and things because we have a bond with them. They’re special to us.

Conversely, they’re also special to us because we love them. Being around them brings us joy.

Arguably, the more we love, the more aspects of life will be special to us. If we love the landscape of our neighborhood, the plant and animal life around us, the meals we eat, our vehicles, the folks in line ahead of us in the store, we will be loving more frequently. And our life in these moments will feel more special to us.

Today’s message invites me to love more of my everyday life, in all its aspects. Loving more, life is more precious to me.

Please reflect and share. How might loving more frequently affect your experiences?