Share yourself.

In a world that emphasized fashion, popular music, and thought trends, it’s easy to want to conform. We may feel the need to be accepted, so we model ourselves after what and who is trending.

It’s healthy to enjoy exploring new things and experiences. What isn’t okay is denying our own gifts, talents, tastes, and dreams in order to make ourselves more likeable or hopefully popular.

There’s only one of us—ever. We’ll never be precisely repeated again. What we are and have to offer is precious and singular. It’s to be celebrated.

The best way we can do this is by sharing. Sharing our sense of humor, our artistic vision, our unique experiences. No one else sees and lives life exactly as we do. When we share ourselves, we help broaden our understand and others’ too. The world is a richer and finer place when we share.

Today’s message encourages me to give others the gift of my uniqueness. When I share myself unabashedly in healthy ways, everyone gains.

Please reflect and share. Are you comfortable sharing your unique self?