Take time to digest.

We’re all aware of our physical digestion process. We chew our food—though perhaps not thoroughly enough—we swallow, and the magical transformation of food into energy occurs.

If food passes through our system too quickly, we may not get the full nutritional benefits. Similarly, if our digestive system is upset or damaged, we may not receive the complete value from our intake, causing us to feel perpetually hungry or unwell. When our digestive processes are too slow, partially digested food may rot in our gut, causing physical health issues.

We tend not to think about our digestion. We simply assume it will occur reliably, just like the rest of our autonomic physical processes.

We also digest our life experiences. We handle thoughts, ideas, and situations by chewing on them consciously. We also process them unconsciously and through dreaming.

Again, we need just the right amount of processing for good mental and emotional health. If we gloss over issues or pretend they’re not happening, we don’t get the full benefit of our experience. We’ll likely need to repeat the scenario to learn from it.

If we hold onto an occurrence too long by obsessing on it, we’re stuck in a toxic loop that can poison our experience of what is happening in the current moment.

How do we know when we’ve processed something enough mentally and emotionally? If we keep repeating similar situations, it’s a clue there’s more for us to digest in the experience.

When we feel stuck in pain and dysfunction and can’t seem to hit resolution, we’re being shown we need to process differently. Using an alternative approach or getting help may help us move through the situation in a healthy way.

Today’s message invites me to digest all aspects of my life in a functional and sane way. I’ll know when I’m doing that when I feel healthy on all levels and can comfortably live in the present now.

Please reflect and share. How’s your digestion?