Spiritually physical.

So much of a good life is about balance. Enough rest and enough activity. Work time and play time. Alone time and social time. Healthy food and drink and a few treats.

This concept of balance is all about third dimensional existence. But we’re also spiritual in nature—spiritual beings having a physical life.

A fulfilling life will balance our focus between the physical and the spiritual. Too much focus on the physical and we can get lost in hedonism or lack inspiration. Too much focus on the spiritual and we lose touch with the reason we were born into a physical body.

When we care for and value both aspects of ourselves, we’re healthy and happy. We operate in a physical context from a spiritual perspective.

Today’s message reminds me not to alternate my focus between physical and spiritual but to integrate them together. When I live life joyfully, kindly, and gratefully, I can be both at once.

Please reflect and share. How do you care for your physical and spiritual sides?