Look for the good.

Some days seem easier than others. We may have a blessed-feeling, lucky day in which many things go right. Or we may experience a day of struggles, where we can’t seem to get ahead. Sometime days are simply ho-hum day, nothing horrible but also nothing special.

In any day, while there may be things we don’t like going on, there likely are positive occurrences as well. The way a day seems to us is largely a product of how we think and feel about it.

What we notice is what characterizes our day. Where we place our focus can determine what we most strongly experience.

And we’re in charge of where we place our focus. When we notice happy or fulfilling events and savor them mentally, they stand out in our awareness.

In looking for and enjoying happy occurrences and minor blessings, we’re training our brain to notice happy things more often and feel them more keenly. When we look for the good, we rewire our brain to a more positive mindset.

Today’s message reminds me to find and treasure the nuggets of enjoyment that are present in any day. When I’m busy looking for and savoring good things, seemingly bad things have less effect on me.

Please reflect and share. Do you look for the good in life?