Go on an unhappiness diet.

We’re not always happy. Things and people are disappointing, frustrating, and saddening to us. There are often plenty of situations we might wish would be different.

Some of these situations we might be able to change. We may have control over what we do and with whom we interact. Other scenarios are outside of our control. We have no choice but to deal with them as is.

We can, however, choose to limit our unhappiness. Lessening our exposure to folks we find upsetting may be a good plan. Figuring out why they upset us so much and what we can tweak internally to limit that reaction is also a worthy effort.

We can consciously shift our thoughts from unhappy ones to ones that are grateful. We also can elect to engage in activities that bring us happiness on a daily basis. Giving our creativity room to explore itself is always a good idea.

Once we’ve undertaken to limit our unhappiness, we’ll find we are drawn to that type of mood less. We’ll break the habit of feeling down.

Today’s message advises me that I’m in charge of how much time I want to spend being unhappy. Pursuing happiness—in activities, in attitude, in interactions—is a sane and healthy choice.

Please reflect and share. Do you work to boost your happiness?