Creative flow.

We all mostly want something different than what we have, at least in some way. It may relate to health, finances, appearance, job, relationships, lifestyle, etc.

We also likely would like that aspect of our lives to be different without having to make any personal changes. Unfortunately, that generally doesn’t work.

Change can be uncomfortable and scary. It may feel safer to live with things exactly as they are, even if they aren’t exactly what we want.

It also can be hard to engage in voluntary change. Often it can feel uncomfortable. We may be uncertain about the wisdom of it.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to get ourselves used to change, and that’s creativity. When we create something, anything, we’re stepping outside of our usual boundaries to generate something new to us. And this action is good and healthy.

It doesn’t matter if what we create is subjectively good to us or others. What’s important here is the process rather than the result.

It also doesn’t matter if what we create is directly related to our desired outcome. It may be nice if that is true, but it’s not vital.

What does matter is that we’re allowing our creative juices to flow. Once we’ve primed the pump of creativity, our creative vision may rise up in other areas than the one we’ve initially tried. We’re building creative muscle that helps us in all aspects of our lives.

Today’s message invites me to try something new and creative. It doesn’t matter what it is or whether it is a large or small undertaking. What does matter is that I’m game to try it out. This willingness helps strengthen my ability to change and enjoy change.

Please reflect and share. Are you creative?