Use your imagination for good.

The power to imagine is inherent in all of us. Some of us may have developed it more strongly, but we all know how to conjure up mental images.

We use our imagination in a variety of ways. We daydream; we create art, writings, recipes, and more based on our inner vision. We attempt to understand events by imagining their causes; we worry about the future and posit difficult situations that might occur.

The trick is to use our imagination for our benefit. Wisdom is knowing when to allow our vision to run rampant (think brainstorming session, manifestation, or creative genius) and when to rein it in (think doomsday fears, hypochondria, or imagining others’ motivations).

Today’s message invites me to be discriminating in the use of my imagination. When my mind wanders from the present moment, I’ll want to ensure it is focused on something creative or good for me. If not, I can refocus by engaging my current experience with all five of my senses.

Please reflect and share. How do you harness your imagination for your benefit?