Sneak peek your life.

Most of us watch television. We’re familiar with previews of coming attractions for the next episode in a series. Some of us enjoy watching these previews. They give us exciting hints of what will be upcoming and prepare us for the upcoming events.

Most of us are also familiar with the concept of manifestation. The idea that what we think about creates energy and generates tangible results. To quote Mike Dooley: “Thoughts become things.”

If we’ve employed manifestation techniques, we know that vivid visualization and accompanying strong positive emotions can yield amazing results. But just how detailed does our visualization need to be? Do we need to imagine every step along the way?

Here’s something easy to try: sneak peeks of your life. Think of it like a reel of coming attractions in the next episode of your life.

Imagine yourself burning your mortgage document and saying to yourself that it was paid off more quickly and easily than you expected. Visualize getting superb and healthy values with your next blood test results. Generate a mental image of feeling peaceful and healthy, cuddled up with your family (pets included) in your home.

You don’t need to fill in every detail of how you got there in your visualization. Just imagine the high points and feel a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

Today’s message encourages me to generate some happy images of coming attractions in my life. I’m grateful for blessings in advance!

Please reflect and share. What coming attractions do you see in your life?