Reconsider that which annoys you.

We all feel irked sometimes. People, things, and situations get on our nerves. We feel irritated and possibly uncomfortable when this occurs.

If the annoyance is ongoing, we may also feel resentful. Our unease angers us, but yet we often may believe there’s nothing to be done to alleviate it. We may feel we have no other choice but to proceed in the face of our irritation.

There are three sane choices in this circumstance. 1. If the irritant is in a personal interaction, we can discuss the issue with the individual(s) involved. 2. We can choose to opt out of the experience altogether. 3. We can go inside to understand what the actual trigger for our annoyance is. Understanding our reaction can help us release our frustration.

Today’s message invites me to deal with my annoyances in some sort of positive way. Either I speak out, back away, or learn to live with the situation without being annoyed. Whatever path I choose, I free myself from the associated anger.

Please reflect and share. How do you handle annoyances?