Find the best.

Often, we may anticipate the worst in a situation. Ahead of time, we imagine all the things that could go wrong. This leaves us predisposed—no matter what actually happens—to find the bad in what does occur.

Should things not go perfectly, we feel our pessimism has been justified. Didn’t we just know something would go wrong?

Our beliefs and thoughts, whether in advance of or after a situation has occurred, are an injection of energy into the quantum field. We have a role in generating events. Knowing this, it pays to be optimistic. In doing so, we set ourselves up to have good things happen.

Today’s message advises me to look for the good in what is. When I’m grateful for my blessings—even if they are meager or mixed—I signal Creation that I want more of what I appreciate.

Please reflect and share. Do you look for the good in situations?