Present not past

Sometimes we carry baggage from the past. We may have been hurt, disappointed, scared, or traumatized.

It can be painful to remember. Even when we don’t consciously call the memories up, they may arise unbidden.

When this happens, it can be challenging to stay focused on what is happening right now. Our emotions around the past can color our perceptions of current events. What was impinges on what is.

The issue here is that what is may not be bad at all. It may even be quite good. But we may fail to experience it that way when we overlay past events and feelings over present ones.

We also may be unwilling to create something good right now because we are too busy dwelling on our past pain. We allow our attachment to the past to bar us from a good right now.

How we escape this pattern depends on our circumstances and nature. We can disallow painful individuals or circumstances from our current existence. Or we can choose to release what was in favor of what is and might be. But we are not doomed to repeat our past unless we’re unwilling to change.

Today’s message reminds me to make the best of whatever I have right now. This current timeframe is what I’m guaranteed. Why not enjoy it as much as I can?

Please reflect and share. What past experience is it time to release?