Be compassionate with yourself.

None of us do or don’t do everything we think we should or shouldn’t do. We mess up, make mistakes, fail to act, and act or speak without sufficient thought. We’re human.

We hold impossibly high standards for ourselves, usually higher than we hold for others. Things we might overlook in others cause us to berate ourselves when we do them. We cut ourselves little to no slack.

In being upset with ourselves, we tie ourselves to our undesired actions by virtue of the negative emotions we hold, ensuring that we will engage in the same behavior again. The more we blame ourselves, the more we’re stuck in the pattern of unwanted conduct.

Today’s message reminds me to extend compassion to myself in all things. Yes, sometimes I can do better. But being upset with myself is unlikely to make me feel good about doing what I feel is right. When I am kind and encouraging to myself, I will find it easier to engage in good habits.

Please reflect and share. Do you give yourself the benefit of the doubt?