We are our greatest creations.

To many of us, it’s important to make a difference in the world. We’d like to think that the world is a better place because we live in it.

We donate to charity. We volunteer. We may follow a spiritual philosophy or religious faith. We try to do things that matter.

We may forget that the most important impact we have is in our interactions with others of any and all species. Our kindness, consideration, compassion, and caring will outlive us and can impact the world for generations to come.

When we deal with all beings with love, we offer a model for others to use if they wish. We help build a more universal template of what a loving existence might look like.

If we wish to offer a lasting gift to the world, we can do so by refining ourselves. When we nurture our better qualities and allow our lesser ones to drop away, we create the best versions of ourselves.

Today’s message asks me to emphasize kindness, empathy, and caring in my daily life. This is the greatest gift I can offer to others, and to myself as well. In doing so, I create love in and around me.

Please reflect and share. Do you consider yourself to be your own personal creation?