Believe in what you want to see.

Sometimes reality seems far distant from what we’d want to see. War, disease, famine, greed, social inequity, and political divide all play an ugly role in our news these days. What we hope for the world and what we have don’t even come close to being the same.

Most of these issues feel larger than we are. It can seem impossible to make a difference. Any action we might take may seem puny and likely ineffective. And that’s where we’re wrong.

Major positive changes need our belief to make them happen. If we give up on a cause, we tell them quantum field not to bother making it happen. Our thoughts and energy are required to generate change.

We can participate in that change on two levels—inner and outer. Outer actions are likely easier for us. We can communicate with each other and our government, donate to worthy causes, volunteer our time and services. This is pretty straightforward. We just have to be willing.

Inner shift is a bit trickier. It can feel like changing ourselves only affects us. That too is a misperception.

All of us have unresolved issues inside of us. We may have warring aspects of our personality, conflicting beliefs, self-image problems, or belief in lack. When we don’t deal with our stuff directly, we project it out on the world around us and blame everyone else besides ourselves.

When we harmonize our inner aspects, that peace and amity also is projected into the world around us. By healing our own wounds, we show the way and create an environment in which other can do so as well. This is where the saying “Be the change you want to see” is apt.

Today’s message suggests that it’s time to amp up my visualization and inner work. When I clear my own personal path and envision a saner and healthier world, I contribute the best of myself to creating beauty in and around me.

Please reflect and share. What do you want to believe in?