All of Creation is our ally.

Most of us would admit to having role models and mentors. Usually, we think of them in terms of other people. Our helpers and teachers often are folks who are older or more experienced than we are.

In viewing allies this way, we severely limit our potential. Creation is so much larger and more diverse—rocks, rivers, trees, animals, forces of nature, stars, angels—and we have a grand cornucopia of mentors to tap into.

It takes a bit more imagination and openness to look at a tree or pet or lake as a teacher, but when we do so we discover that there is much for us to learn. The lessons are surprising and profound, and they help us view life from an entirely different perspective.

Today’s message reminds me to look beyond other people in learning my life lessons. All of Creation is ready and willing to engage with and enlighten me.

Please reflect and share. Do you have non-human allies and teachers?