Timing makes things easy or hard.

Often, we know what should or will occur. But somehow, we’re not able to get a situation to gel. We can’t quite seem to get all the aspects aligned and don’t know what to do to change that.

And often, what we need to do is quite simple. We just need to wait.

In complicated scenarios, there are many moving parts. All factors need to be mature and in place, for things to work out. Frequently, one or more of the aspects isn’t quite ready, but we still want success…right now, please.

When we’re willing to trust that divine timing—which may very well be different than our personal timetable—is handling things perfectly, we allow the situation to unfold in the best way possible, when it is ready to.

If we try to force things, we may see only partial success at best. And we will have invested considerable effort struggling to make things work prematurely. Permitting the outcome to ripen on its own schedule will require less effort and will produce a more satisfying result.

Today’s message reminds me, when I feel impatient, that often situations need to percolate. My patience is the fertilizer that helps ensure a bountiful harvest.

Please reflect and share. Are you content to let things work out at their own pace?