Visualize peace.

We’re all outraged when war breaks out. It’s so unnecessary and goes against our sense of community with others. We’re angry and feel defensive for the victims. But that doesn’t help build peace.

You might ask, “How does one visualize peace?” It’s a concept and may seem abstract. It’s also a feeling, and we all know how to feel. We can evoke a sense of peace, amity, caring, and acceptance within ourselves and beam it out in the general vicinity of the conflict.

We also can imagine connecting with the animals, fish, birds, plants, trees, rocks, streams and waters, and sky in the geographic region. Once in connection, we can share our feelings of love with them and ask them to radiate the good vibes as well. When the very land is emanating peace, it is bound to have an effect on the humans there.

It may seem that asking animals who kill and eat each other to live to promote peace would be counterintuitive. But they understand conservation. They don’t incur widespread destruction in their quest to survive and know to use only what they need. They are responsible and respectful in their pursuit of life.

Today’s message asks me to engage with all of Creation in my visualization of peace. I am only one human, but I can connect with and leverage the mojo of all that is in the quantum field through my visualization. Please join me.

Please reflect and share. How might you promote peace in your own unique way?