Right now is enough.

We’re a consumer society. Our personal interactions, keeping up with the Joneses, TV ads, and social media posts all condition us to compare ourselves with others, usually unfavorably. This all leads us to believe that if we only had more or were different, we would be happier.

We marinate in a sense of need and want, and feel our lives are coming up short. It doesn’t usually occur to us that we have it good—really good—just as things are.

Most of us have enough to eat and drink, have a safe place to live, and are basically healthy much of the time. If we have even two of these things, we have better quality of life than many folks do. Face it, we’re blessed and have a good life just as things are.

Today’s message encourages me to see the good in my situation, in its many aspects. When I count my blessings daily, I realize how rich I truly am.

Please reflect and share. How are you blessed?