Our ability to imagine defines our potential.

Sometimes we want things to happen but can’t quite imagine how they might come to pass. It can seem like the gap between what is and what could be is large and we don’t understand how to cross it. We may not try to achieve our goal because we don’t know how to make it happen.

This is where creative visualization comes in. When we realize that our mind doesn’t have to know every single step in advance, we free ourselves to imagine in broad strokes. Our vision can be more intuitive and emotional, rather than logical. This allows us to feel our way toward our goal. Our positive feelings provide the glue to hold our visualization together until it actualizes.

Today’s message urges me to dream on a grander scale. When I am more concerned with the what than with the how of what I want, I express more confidence in my vision.

Please reflect and share. Are you willing to dream big?