We all have allies on our journey.

We all walk through this life alone. No one else has our exact life path. This makes our experience unique and precious, to be shared with all Creation.

We also can feel lonely as a result. It can seem as if there is no help or support for us, and that we have to figure out and achieve things all by ourselves.

However, all of Creation is at our disposal—every being and every thing, whether animate or not. We are all divinely interconnected in the sharing. This means that in any and every moment, we are surrounded by and interconnected with allies, even if we’re not aware of them.

Creation wants us to prosper and be happy, so it provides us with encounters and experiences targeted to generate our well-being and happiness. While all events may not seem positive to us—think of being ill or experiencing a loss—they have the potential to support a longer-term positive outcome for us.

When we are aware of our allies, they may take many forms. A chance encounter, a relationship with a pet, natural features and landscapes, a seeming adversary, friends, family, and coworkers—all these can represent allies on our path. When we’re open to the concept, it becomes easier to recognize the possible good in all situations and interactions.

Today’s message invites me to be more mindful of alliance. Whether I’m being grateful for the allies that surround me, or whether I’m playing the role of ally for someone else, there is richness in all my encounters.

Please reflect and share. Who are the prominent allies in your life right now?