Allies all around us

Sometimes it may feel we don’t get much help in life. It can seem other folks aren’t on our side. We may believe we’re alone in our struggles.

When we feel isolated like this, it can be hard to care about ourselves much less anything else. It can all seem to be just too difficult.

Our belief that we are alone and separate is a large part of the equation. That belief is often accompanied by intense emotions. The combination supercharges our ability to manifest what we’re thinking about, resulting in more aloneness and less help.

This belief also sends out an invisible energetic field to push others away from us. Our thoughts become self-fulfilling. We can become more and more alone.

Shifting our belief can help alleviate the issue. When we accept that we’re part of a divine whole along with all of Creation, we understand we can never actually be alone. Everyone and everything else—other people, other species, landscapes, inanimate objects, stars, alien life forms—all are interconnected with us. They are all allies in our existence.

This perspective can make us more aware of the role of unexpected allies in our lives. A bird singing outside our window, a random song on the radio, a chance encounter with another person, the twinkle of a star at night—anything and everything has the potential to be of assistance to us.

Not surprisingly, this also applies to encounters we might view as unpleasant. Even difficult circumstances can have value and a meaning for us.

Today’s message invites me to be willing to recognize more allies in my life. We’re all interconnected and everything and everyone represents a blessing for me, if I’m willing to see and understand.

Please reflect and share. What unusual ally have you encountered recently?