Connection brings joy.

In recent history, events have made us more aware of the seeming divides between sectors of society, politics, and nations. We often find ourselves on one side or another of an issue. We’re also likely wondering how folks can rationally hold beliefs different from our own.

This leads us to live increasingly in an us versus them mentality—separation consciousness. This mindset can be uncomfortable, unsettling, and sometimes lonely. We mistakenly may believe it makes us safe by identifying enemies to distrust, leaving us always estranged from some part of the human population. Peace, both inner and outer, is sabotaged by this way of thinking.

When we remember our divine interconnection—contemplative practices like prayer, meditation, and visualization are dandy ways to do so—our sense of an intrinsic connection with and in all Creation helps us rise above separation consciousness into connection consciousness. Even if for only a few minutes, we are one with all that is. All are equal, precious, and part of a divine whole.

This realization brings with it a natural sense freedom, peace, and joy. The magical and wondrous nature of interconnection and perfect existence is something we can feel deep within ourselves. With regular contemplative practice. we build up a reserve of this feeling which we can then bring into our daily life. Our need to be at odds with others softens. We find more inner peace in interacting with the outer world.

Today’s message asks me to carry peace and the resulting joy inside of me and to radiate it outward as well. My joyous participation in life can be infectious, in a good way.

Please reflect and share. How can you spread joy and peace?