Already in the works.

Sometimes we may feel Creation isn’t listening. We pray or visualize or do whatever we do to give life to our dreams. But it may seem that it isn’t having the desired effect.

This can be disheartening. We may wonder why we even bothered. We may be tempted to cease our attempts. We might decide to give up on our vision.

We may be forgetting about the nature of divine timing. It occurs when conditions are optimal for us, which may not be when we think it should be.

The benevolence of Creation knows all the complex factors that may be involved in bringing our vision to completion. We likely do not. So it falls to us to trust and keep adding mojo to our dream through thoughts, words, and deeds.

Today’s message reminds me that I’ve already placed my order in the drive thru of life. But I can’t pick up the finished product until it is ready. So, I need to keep the faith and keep doing what I do until my dream manifests. It will be worth the wait.

Please reflect and share. Are you patient with your visions?