Love redefines everything.

Watching the news and observing current events, it’s easy to feel jaded. The pandemic, politics, global warming, economic inequality, societal polarization and mistrust—life can seem grim at times. We tend to forget that the miracle of life is that there is existence at all.

When we perceive life from a divine viewpoint, through the eyes of unconditional love, the world becomes a very different place. Any and every aspect of life is wondrous and perfect exactly as it is. Every single being and thing shares a divine nature and has a unique purpose. Everything and everyone are magical.

Today’s message invites me to use love to freshen my perspective on life. When I look for the divine rather than the dysfunctional in life, I will find more beauty and happiness. With love as my lens of perception, I see creation from a holy viewpoint.

Please reflect and share. How does love shift your perceptions?