You are so loved

Some days, we may not feel much loved. We may even feel unlovable. It’s painful.

Love is a basic human need. Not necessarily sex, but just plain love. Being cared for, being accepted, being listened to, being valued for who we are.

When we don’t feel loved, we struggle. We might even wonder why we’re alive at all.

In this, we are forgetting our origins. We are part of an interconnected divine whole. The basis for us and all of Creation is conscious love.

We cannot be unloved or unlovable. We are love itself in our spiritual makeup. But perhaps we have forgotten this truth or obscured it from our awareness.

When we remember our basis in divine love, we can begin to feel differently. Love, we come to recognize, is always in and around us. As part of a divine Creation, we are perfect in essence, always accepted and cherished, always loved.

We can prime the pump of the realization by loving all of Creation more consciously—landscapes, creatures, plants, stars, buildings, our annoying co-worker or relative. We are all equally divine, perfect, and worthy of love. And, of course, loving ourselves is where this all begins.

Today’s message reminds me that the best way to feel more loved is to love more. When I open myself to love all of Creation, I also open myself to feeling the love of all Creation,

Please reflect and share. Do you feel loved?