Our best guess usually has to do.

In this world, we’re certain of very little. We may think we are, but reality is just a matter of perception. What we accept as truth is simply our take on existence.

This can be kind of mind-bending to realize. But consider how our view of life shifts from infancy to childhood, to teen years, to young adulthood, to middle age, to old age. As we gain different life experience, our platform of perception evolves. And our perception at all stages is as true and accurate as it can be. It is all an approximation based on our data and how we use our beliefs to interpret.

Today’s message advises me not to get too hung up on what i think of as reality. My viewpoint today certainly won’t be the same tomorrow. It will have altered in some way, whether subtle or significant. The only constant in reality for me is love.

Please reflect and share. What causes your perceptions to shift?