Without expectations, we’re free to enjoy the moment.

We often have high hopes around social occasions and parties, particularly during the holiday season. We’d love everything to go perfectly smoothly and can build up a fairy tale image of how that might look. Reality seldom matches our dream vision, so we’re left feeling let down.

Details and people often fail to meet our expectations. We want things to be perfect–the party, our outfit, the food, recognition of our effort. This is unrealistic because shit happens, and yet we end up disappointed by details.

Our idea of perfection also is challenged because it involved others. People are who they are and often not whom we envision them to be. When they act in ways contrary to the ideal behavior we envision for them, we feel irritated and deflated.

Today’s message invites me to let thing unfold naturally with fewer expectations. When I don’t compare what is to a highly optimistic vision, I’m more likely to find the good in what’s happening right now. The present moment holds rich treasures and gifts that I can only enjoy if I’m not wishing for something else.

Please reflect and share. When do expectations impact your enjoyment?