Always abundant

Sometimes we don’t feel rich. We may feel we’re lacking in money (perhaps the most common sense of lack), relationships, health, career satisfaction, or stimulation.

When we feel we don’t have enough of any one of these factors, we may feel our life is poor or our existence is lacking. We may feel dissatisfied with life in general.

While we probably won’t have everything we wish for in every aspect of our lives all at once, we most certainly have some of it. It helps when we focus on what we do have rather than what we feel is missing.

This changes our mindset to gratitude from lack. Our shifted focus leaves us feeling naturally more satisfied. And we, by virtue of our thankfulness, send a message to Creation to offer us more of what we enjoy.

Today’s message reminds me that feeling abundant helps me manifest more of what I do want. At the same time, it makes me happier with what I do have. Goodness all around!

Please reflect and share. Do you feel abundant?