We are the sum of our current beliefs.

We tend to believe life shapes us, that what we’ve experienced influences our persona, thoughts, and beliefs. The reverse is also true. What we believe generates the nature of our experiences.

Our beliefs are simply our take on existence. While they often are firmly held, they can be mutable. To change them we merely need to be willing to do so. When we do alter our beliefs, who we are shifts—we’re revising our self-narrative—and our perception of life, what we experience, does so too.

Today’s message advises that when I’m not happy with myself, I need to take a look at my beliefs. My self-image originates in my beliefs. Change what I believe; change what I think and feel; change what I experience; change how I act and react. I believe I have the ability to create a good and fulfilling life for myself.

Please reflect and share. How have your beliefs influenced your sense of self?