Good enough is okay.

We tend to expect a lot of ourselves. Sometimes others have high expectations of us, too. We may turn ourselves inside out trying to live up to the demands placed on us. If we have a perfectionist nature, it’s even worse. We and others may have become accustomed to seeing our very best effort regularly.

To maintain sanity and avoid exhaustion, we can consider whether the quality of our actions will make a lasting difference. This may be true of matters involving safety, well-being, and perhaps kindness and consideration in our close relationships. It may not be as pertinent in issues of house cleaning, fashion, decorating, cooking, and possessions. If the situation is something likely forgotten over time, good enough is an adequate yardstick.

Today’s message invites me to consider the longer-term impact of my efforts before I let my inner perfectionist run wild. Particularly if the impact is fleeting—think perfectly decorated holiday cookies—I may wish to rein in my desire for perfection. Aiming for good enough removes pressure on me and allows me to enjoy life more.

Please reflect and share. When does the perfect effort really matter to you?