Put your energy where it matters.

Our physical live have an end date. Each day on Earth is only twenty-four hours long. Our time and personal energy are thus our most precious resources.

There are always competing demands on us. Some—safety, sleep, food, water, and shelter—are essential and need to be honored. Others are optional, resulting from our own and others’ expectations.

For non-mandatory demands, we have to make choices about when and how to invest ourselves. The pertinent question to ask ourselves is “Does it really matter?” Will spending our time and energy in this way makes us happy? Will it make our lives or someone else’s life appreciably better? If the answer is no, giving ourselves to other activities may be a wiser choice.

Today’s message advises me to be discriminating in how I use my time and energy. When an activity brings me joy or allows me to share in another’s reflected happiness, it’s an easy choice. Doing something solely out of obligation may be warranted if it makes a lasting, positive difference for someone else, in which case I may wish to shift my attitude around it. I give myself and others the gift of my time and energy when it generates happiness and blessing.

Please reflect and share. How do you decide where and when to invest yourself?