We understand what we’re willing to accept.

Sometimes events just don’t make sense to us. There may appear to be no good reason for why things occur as they do. Others’ behavior can seem irrational.

We experience life through the lens of our personal past and our own sensibilities. Based on what we believe and what we’ve known, we judge and evaluate. This leaves us with blind spots, areas of life inexplicable to us. In the face of our failure to understand things, we tend to deny their merit and shut down.

When we accept what is foreign to us even though it may seem questionable, we unlock our ability to begin to understand it. Neutrality and willingness improve our comprehension of anything or anyone novel to our experience.

Today’s message encourages me to extend the benefit of the doubt to unfamiliar or puzzling circumstances. Assuming the overall benevolence of life will help me find the good in what I may not understand. My willingness to accept improves my emotional intelligence.

Please reflect and share. What or whom might you understand better through acceptance?