Habit opposes growth.

We are all creatures of habit. We have a customary sleeping position, put one sock and shoe on before the other, have a favorite morning beverage, drive a regular route to work, use particular catchphrases, and have scheduled social interactions. Regular, repeated activities simplify and de-stress life by removing the need for continual decision-making.

However, they also tend to keep us stuck in ritualistic ways of thinking and behaving. We continue to do something a particular way because we’ve always done so rather than because we enjoy it or find it useful to do so.

It’s healthy for us to mix things up a bit—have tea instead of coffee, drive a different way to our job, contact a friend we’ve been out of touch with, take up a new hobby, watch movies outside of our preferred genre. In doing so, we develop new skills and interests and break down old thought and emotional patterns associated with doing things in a certain fashion.

Today’s message invites me to be, do, think, and feel differently. A change in activities will spur an alteration in my perception. Personal shift expands my possibilities and opens me to new opportunities.

Please reflect and share. How much of what you do is habitual?