Second chances come with a side of experience.

We’ve all messed up, missed out on, or blown good opportunities. A mix of emotions—anger, shame, regret—usually accompanies such mistakes. Once we can get past the hard emotions, the learning can begin. Honest self-reflection shows us where, how, and why we went astray. We understand what we could have done differently.

Creation wants us to succeed and do well, and it is generous in providing more than one chance to do so. When repeat opportunities occur, we can be grateful to be to try again with the benefit of wisdom gained, rather than berating ourselves for need for more than one take.

Today’s message offers me a positive perspective on messing up. When I have a redo opportunity, I’m refining my approach for a better outcome. My successes grow from the fertile ground resulting from my failures.

Please reflect and share. How do you view second chances?